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Top 10 Reasons to Dance with WCTE in 2022

We can hardly believe it's our 10th Year touring and taking the stage with you! When we first started this company, our goal was to create a fair, fun, friendly and positive dance competition experience. We truly believe that dance is a moment and when you are in your element as a performer and feeling supported by the right Competition you truly can #InspireandBeInspired.

So if you are an old friend of World-Class Talent Experience, or someone that is looking for a new and refreshing Experience on the stage, we urge you to dance with us as we celebrate our 10 year Anniversary.

  1. World-Class Talent is a Dance Partner You Can Always Count On. Our competitions are well-organized and run on time.

  2. We are 100% Devoted to our Studios. Join us once and you become a part of our dance family.

  3. We are Committed to offering a Fun, Fair, Friendly, Safe and Positive Experience. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you and your dancers are creating memories through a phenomenal competition experience

  4. Our Staff and Adjudicators are Passionate and Inspiring! Your audio feedback is personable and positive. Detailed notes and tips that can be taken home to your studio and applied in real life to continue to help your students grow.

  5. We Provide FREE, High-Definition Digital Videos of all of Your Studio Routines. Treasure the beautiful moments on stage forever at no additional charge.

  6. We Provide a Professional and Safe Performance Area A minimum performance area of 40' x 30', covered with marley, professionally lit and with tap mics

  7. World-Class Talent Experience is for Everyone and Every Level We offer three levels of competition, based on experience, as well as an Elite Title Division.

  8. Every Event is Live-Streamed We understand these challenging times and your personal choices. Family and Friends that can't make the event or feel safer at home, can log in and cheer your studio on totally free of charge.

  9. We Guarantee a Safe, Professional and Organized Experience Let us take care of the details so your dancers can shine on stage without the stress

  10. We Promise an Unforgettable Experience Dance is a moment. We will help you and your dancers create unforgettable memories, on-stage and off.

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