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Photogenic Division

FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING! Don’t miss this opportunity!


Get your headshot noticed at the next audition! Our panel of distinguished adjudicators will share helpful feedback and assist in ways to make your headshot unique, creative and memorable. Use this opportunity to receive some insider tips!!


Artists in the Photogenic division will submit a recent 5×7 or 8×10 photo in black & white or color. Photo submissions can be dropped off at the registration area at the start of the event. We request name, age, studio name and studio phone number listed on the back of the photo.


There will be one (1) Photogenic winner awarded in the Petite / Junior Division  and  Teen / Senior Division. Photogenic Winners will receive an award.


On-site photogenic registration is accepted. Personal Checks will not be accepted. 


World-Class Talent Experience, Inc. is NOT responsible for any photos left behind at the competition event.  



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