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Scoring Matrix

World-Class Talent Experience, Inc.'s high caliber Adjudicators and Master Instructors have worked with some of the most prestigious dance companies, taught at major universities, directed successful dance programs, and worked with some of the greatest performing artists in the industry. Accolades, awards and honors aside, our faculty is comprised of energized, inspirational mentors who are passionate about dance.


Our adjudicators are diverse, well trained and skilled in multiple genres of dance. We strive to provide a diverse panel of adjudicators that are sensitive to the various skill level and differing ages represented by the dancers. 


Our panel of three or more adjudicators will score each routine based on a 100 points per adjudicator.

All three adjudication scores will be averaged together for an adjudication placement. 


TECHNICAL EXECUTION                                       40 POINTS

PERFORMANCE QUALITY                                     25 POINTS

CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSICALITY                        20 POINTS

DIFFICULTY                                                             10 POINTS


TOTAL:                                                                    100 POINTS


All decisions made by the panel of adjudicators are final. There are NO Exceptions!


Medals will be awarded to all 6 Star, 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star and 2 Star adjudication placements. In addition, all solo, duo/trio and group dancers will receive adjudication star pins. Special Recognition and Judges Awards are presented during each Awards Ceremony. 




Studio Score sheets will be posted to the studio account immediately following the competition.


Online video critiques will be made available 2-3 days after the event. Our office will email a direct link with username and password for video critiques to be viewed. 


A link for the Participant digital video files will be emailed to the studio director. Video Production will take a minimum of 2-3 weeks from the competition date. All media is delivered in digital format: DVD's will not be issued.  Studio families will have the opportunity to download the Hi-Def digital video files.

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