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Age Requirements


Names, ages and birthdates of all artists must appear on the official registration form. Proof of birthdates may be required.


All ages are determined by age as of JANUARY 1st in the competing year. The age competed for the regional, will be the same age competing for the national. You must recalculate the average age of a routine for Nationals if any of the dancers in a routine change. 


To calculate age for duo / trios, groups and productions; add up the ages of all artists and divide by number of artists in the routine and drop the decimal point. Example: if the average is 11.8, you would drop the decimal and the routine will have an average age of 11. The average age of each routine must not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest artist in the routine, regardless of the average age. Example: a routine contains artists ranging in age from 10 – 18; the routine would fall into the 12 – 14 age category (one division younger than the oldest artist of 18 years). If there are any artist substitutions, the ages must be re-averaged before the artist/s can compete.


Routine that includes a performer who is 21 years of age and older will compete in the Pre-Professional/ Adult Category regardless of its calculated average age division. 


Pre-Professional and Adults are permitted to perform in the Production Category and the performance will remain in its calculated average age division. 





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