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About Us

Artists, Instructors and Parents,


We are thrilled to bring to you a high-end dance competition experience that is exciting, educational, professional and enjoyable! This performance opportunity will be like no other in the industry. We are proud to showcase top-notch adjudicators with knowledge of all genres, along with offering extensive scholarship opportunities for continued education, scoring system with instant feedback and high quality customer service. We strive to produce an atmosphere that is stress-free and fun for all. Our goal is for artists to leave our competition having learned something valuable to further their dance education.

Our company values dedication, hard- work and the commitment artists devote to their talent. The mission of World-Class Talent Experience is to support young aspiring artists by offering a positive dance competition experience that will enable growth and future success. We believe it’s essential to provide an outlet where performers have the opportunity to showcase their talents to enhance development and confidence. Our long-term vision is to encourage a healthy competitive environment that models camaraderie, fairness and respect.

World-Class Talent Experience bridges the gap between learning talent in the studio and developing performance to embrace the experience on a live stage. All performances are judged fairly with integrity, scores are non-bias and critiques are constructive to both the artist and choreographer. Our company appreciates the educational learning process and is eager to provide a platform where artists are exposed to a positive performing environment. This will support transition from the educational realm, into the professional performing world-class experience.


We invite you to come be a part of the Experience...

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