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Health and Safety


In preparation for our 2024 dance tour, we have implemented health and safety procedures and guidelines to offer the safest competition experience for our studios, dancers, spectators and staff.


While our competition format has been redefined to adhere to CDC, local, state, and/or federal government mandates and recommendations our competition experience will continue to offer a fun, fair, friendly and safe environment for everyone!


NOTE: We will continue to update our procedures as conditions and information changes. Regulations may also vary based on event location and city. Venue specific regulations will be provided to studios prior to the event. *Policy may vary from city to city based on venue and city/state guidelines.

We look forward to having you join us and we can’t wait to BE INSPIRED!


General props are permitted. It is the sole responsibility of each studio to ensure that its props are taken on and off the stage in a safe and timely manner.


Props must be assembled / disassembled within 2 minutes or a 5 point (-5) deduction will be assessed. Please do not build props backstage as this can be hazardous to the dancers. For safety purposes, if artists are more than 4’ off the ground please incorporate safety / fall protection into the prop.


Dangerous props (i.e. swords, fire, etc.), use of live animals and liquids are prohibited on the stage. Special effects (including haze and lasers) are not permitted.

Dancers may NOT exit or jump off the front or side of the stage at ANY time during a WCTE competition event (including performances).


Fog machines are only permitted when approved by our office and the venue. Written approval must be submitted to our office at least 2 weeks out from the event date.


Studios are liable for any damage to the stage, Marley dance floor and equipment.


Artists, studio directors, instructors and parents / guardians are understood to recognize the risks inherent with performing, setting up and removing props from on / off the stage as well as in / out of the venue. Participating in the competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by the artists, studio directors, instructors and parents / guardians.


World-Class Talent Experience, Inc. and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss during the event.



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