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Convention Season is Here: How to Shine and Thrive

Standing out in a crowded room is always the class and convention dancer's plight but there is so much more to be taken away from your time in crowded ballrooms during convention season. Our World Class Staff and Faculty shared some of their best advice on thriving during this season of growth.

"Approach the day with an open mind and heart! You will be in an unfamiliar venue. Led by new Instructors. Dancing and sharing spaces with fresh faces. Perhaps, dancing a discipline that you’ve never danced before? However the challenge…embrace it in FULL…with openness. From there…goodness, excitement, and downright fun will prevail!"

-Steven Spanopoulos is a Jeff Award Nominated Choreographer/Instructor/Tapper. He has taught for Roosevelt University at Joffrey-Chicago, Columbia College-Chicago, North Central College-Naperville, Lou Conte, and more.

"Have fun! Enjoy learning and dancing with new people. Workshops are a great opportunity to enjoy the styles you are comfortable and work on the styles you are uncomfortable with."

-Kristin Anthony is a member of both the Actors' Equity Association and the American Guild of Variety Artists, having performed as a Radio City Rockette, Jordin Sparks and Lady Antebellum.

“Come in with an open mind, be ready to step out of your comfort zone, and don’t hold back!”

-Cheryl Snow has had the honor to co-choreograph for Cirque Du Soleil's Choreographers Showcase, has performed in a wide variety of industrials and theatrical productions throughout Las Vegas and internationally.

"Don't worry what other dancers are doing around you. Try not to compare. Eliminate the distractions of others and really focus on growing yourself. Take a breath, trust your training and the work you've already put in to get you this far and then really pay attention to the detailing of the choreography being taught. Stay focused but have fun!"

-Laura Payne is graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and has served as adjunct faculty at TRDance Center and Old Dominion University

"Go in with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. The best part about these kinds of workshops is that you get to grow in all different styles of dance, even in the ones you’re not most comfortable in. So just go into it with an open mind and might end up surprising yourself. "

-Anthony "CC" Williams has been a member of the Actor's Equity Association for over 10 years and has taken multiple opportunities performing at SeaWorld and Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

"Stay focused on your instructor. They are there to share years of experience and wisdom with you, the combination is a bonus! Practice your best dance etiquette (cell phone silenced and in your bag, giving your all each time you run the piece, and not chatting between instruction). If you focus 100% during class time, you will get the most of your experience."

-Amy Tully has performed nationally and internationally with Stiletto Entertainment, Cirque Productions and others. A former studio owner and experienced adjudicator,
she has been with World Class Talent Experience for 7 years.

World Class Talent Experience and Ambition Dance Workshops offer in person and in studio experiences to inspire your dancers and create unforgettable memories. If you would like more information on our full offerings, please email or call 954 744 1556 to speak with our staff.

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