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Cheryl Snow


As a dancer, teacher, and choreographer coming from a competitive gymnastics background, Cheryl has been teaching and choreographing many different techniques and styles for over 15 years. She studied dance and entrepreneurship at UNLV and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance performance and choreography.


She has performed in a wide variety of industrials and theatrical productions throughout Las Vegas and has also had the opportunity to travel and perform internationally. Most currently Cheryl has been dancing in a Las Vegas based contemporary company, SampleDance.  


She has also received recognition for her choreography that lead to many of her works being shown internationally. She’s had the honor to co-choreograph for Cirque Du Soleil's Choreographers Showcase and for workshops and studios throughout the nation.

She’s grateful for the opportunity to judge choreography and dance competitions throughout the county. Cheryl is the co-owner and director of a studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Her passion and drive to continue to educate, inspire and train grows each day.

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