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We're excited to bring together our studios, dancers and families for a fun-filled and safe dance experience. While our competition format has been redefined to adhere to CDC, local, state, and/or federal government mandates (where applicable) and recommendations our competition EXPERIENCE will still offer a fun, fair, friendly and safe environment for everyone!


WCTE will continue to update our Health and Safety procedures as conditions and information changes.


Regulations may also vary based on event location and city. Venue specific regulations will be provided to studios prior to the event. 


Our overall goal for this coming season is for dancers to have the opportunity to DANCE, showcase their routines and EXPERIENCE World-Class!  

Full Refunds will be issued to the Studio resulting from a cancelled event (due to COVID or any other reason). Should the attendee cancel, no Refunds will be given. If a Dancer is unable to attend and is able to comply with , a credit will be issued to be used at a future WCTE Event. 





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